Last One


We are happy to announce that we have made it to the end of this semester. This will be the last issue of Insider and we will see you again next semester. We, as the whole magazine, would like to thank everyone that have been with us through this period.

There was some days we laughed, some that we had fun and many days we have been in parties. Also very rarely, we have been studying. We hope that everyone is having a good semester with their studies. Honestly, it is quite easy if you just balance the party and studying. But that does not seem to be the case for most of us. Sad.

For the last issue, we have a guest author. Jagat Bahadur. He is going to write an article about education trends and how the methods are changing. We suppose everyone wants to know how our school is adapting to life.

We also have an article from our editor in chief for the last issue. Hugh is also writing about trends but the subject is far more important. Fashion. What is going to happen to fashion in future. Take a look.

Christmas is coming as well. And of course, everyone is excited about the Christmas food. We are going to know how to make Christmas cookies. Check out our recipe this week.

Liidia will be writing about Independence day of Finland in Kouvola-Talo. National holidays are celebrated with hype in Finland and let’s hope this one is going to be one of those. 

Most interesting one, the GALA. We have taken our seats on the gala and Prakhar is going to tell you all about it.

It has been a great semester for insider. We have experienced some things that we did not have a chance to before. We hope all of you had a good semester as well and we wish you good luck for upcoming days. It is too early now but HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Muhammet Cakiroglu
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