Life of an International Student in Finland

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Finland, the country that is titled “The Happiest Country in the world” is surrounded by its borders with Sweden, Norway, and Russia. A beautifully carried four seasons, thick woodlands, lakes, and rich wildlife have created the country as a wonderland with peace. The country wilderness shares the opportunity to show the attractive Northern Lights.

Finland is a great place for students to follow their studies in various fields. The country’s economy is very technologically advanced, hence there are opportunities for growth businesses in many areas as an entrepreneur. This prospect has opened many gates for students from various boundaries of the world to start their own businesses while pursuing higher studies.

Being an international student in Finland permits the students to complete their studies while reading about the cultural surroundings in the country. The experience shared by fellow students from all over the world, allows the students to respect international competencies and language barriers. Student life in Finland allows students to be open to creativity, flexibility, and independence. The group activities during the study period create the opportunity to build trusting relationships among students. On the other hand, it enables students to express their thoughts, ideas, and experiences for better understanding. More importantly, students’ study period is focused on gaining knowledge through practical experience and exposure to numerous ventures.

The country offers high-quality housing with reasonable prices to students from locally or internationally. This is one of the main checklist points for international students to consider their higher studies in a foreign land. The student apartments are extremely well-equipped to allow for a comfortable lifestyle. It allows the students to enjoy the study period with a great quality of life.

Another important aspect that is seen in Finland for international students is finding that there are places to obtain necessities at very low prices. The recycling concept of the country has made people learn minimalism by sharing it with others. This concept significantly impacts international students very positively because it supports them in managing the cost of living. Unlike other foreign countries in the world, cycling has been promoted in Finland as one of the main modes of transport which on the other hand helps people lead healthy lives while also protecting the environment. It also teaches the simplicity of life to lead a restful journey as an international student.

The country has granted the opportunity for the students to bring down their families during the study period. It is ineffable to describe how this has helped international students to run through a smooth study period with their loved ones beside them. The reason why the country is tagged to be the Happiest Country in the World is because it enables not only its citizens but also people of the international community to lead a peaceful high quality of life both physically and mentally.