Love or Hate


From the time people understood how to distinguish between feelings, the only ones they were able to definitively describe and portray with accuracy were love and hate.

Love: The Peace to the Soul

Love, as it is known is the essence of life for all living beings and the force that keeps the drive within us. It is the most profound and positive emotion that everyone experiences in different forms. Love needs no explanations, the word itself brings the peace we are looking for. It is the emotion characterized by affection, compassion and a deep connection to someone or something. One of the most significant aspects of love is its ability to inspire acts of kindness, selflessness and understanding.

Hate: The Darkness

Hate consumes everything and takes away all the good from the soul. It is the emotion characterized by anger and a desire to harm or destroy. Hate when active has no boundaries yet causes damage to every corner of survival.

It is heartbreaking to observe how some people welcome darkness into their souls for no valid reason but with the mere objective of revenge and greed and how blind they become when peace begins to leave them. Hate has been the source of countless conflicts, discrimination and destruction throughout history which has led the path to fatal wars which left nothing but uncountable loss of valuable lives and endless suffering.

Love, undeniably is the only way to shut out hate from the heart’s door. This emotion recognizes the innocent core of the human being even if hatred has made most room for it and puts all the harmed pieces back together in place enabling us to see ourselves in the best version possible with happiness outgrowing the suffering caused due to hate.

The world now understands the power of love and how peace flows when the heart is clean and uncontaminated with hate. People have begun to respect every other nation irrespective of skin colour, religion or ethnicity which has paved the way to peace treaties between nations. The world is becoming a better place for us because we have chosen wisely whether it is love or hate.