Meditation for beginner


Let´s be honest: We have all faced some stressful days now and then during our daily schedules between lectures, assignments, sport, party, group meetings etc. We know that it can be quite hard to stay relaxed between all these daily schedules and sometimes it feels like the time is just rushing and rushing. But it is as easy as that: only 10 minutes of daily Meditation is needed to calm our mind. 
Besides Yoga the Meditation is gaining more and more popularity nowadays and it is not as hard to start as you may think! Meditation can be practiced every day, regardless the time, all you need is yourself, a comfortable chair or pillow to sit on, a pre-set timer to 10 minutes and here we go: 
Start to focus on your breath – with the eyes closed it is even easier – and that´s it! The mind may wonder around but that is totally normal, just try to focus slowly back on your breath. And if there is no suitable place to find at home, why not try to meditate in one of the silent rooms at XAMK? Enjoy! 

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