Students life hack from different countries before session in the University.

  1. England  

Going to the first exam, students attach a white carnation on clothes, for all subsequent pink ones. But students who pass the last exam, be sure to attach a red flower. And those lucky ones who have passed all the exams well are thrown in garbage.

2. Germany

After the teacher gives the closing speech in the last lecture before the session. However, German students are in no hurry to leave the audience. First, they pull their hands together with their knuckles and knock on the tables for several seconds, thus marking the completion of their studies. Also, after successful entry to the university and before the exams, students stand in a queue to kiss the bronze cheek of the Gänseliesel statue or bring her a bunch of flowers.

3. Russia

Russian students have a tradition of calling “freebies” before an exam. It is necessary at 12 o’clock in the morning before the exam to open the window, and in the window shout 3 times “freebie, come.” then close the window. You can put a notebook or a textbook under the pillow and sleep on it the night before the exam to keep all the material covered in your head better.

Also, the student who goes to the exam is usually “scolded”, thus wishing that he should concentrate and pass all the exams well.

4. India

Students eat Dahi-Shakkar (cottage cheese with sugar) it is believed that this dish brings good luck before exams

5. France  

At the Sorbonne University, students come to the monument to the philosopher Michel Montaigne and rub his shoes with hand before the exams.

6. Czech Republic

Krakow students to successfully pass exams jump on one leg six times around the monument to Adam Mickiewicz.

7. Sweden

On Walpurgis Night, students have a lot of fun to relax in front of a difficult session. Champagne breakfast, all sorts of student competitions, loud music, dances, performances and other various amusements

8. Vietnam

Students before exams tried to avoid eating bananas, eggs and food cooked with black been. Also, they try to eat as much sticky rice with bean as possible, because in Vietnamese is ‘đỗ’, which also means ‘pass’.

9. China  

In hostels, clubs and restaurants, students gather in companies of 10-12 people. The main feature of such feasts is that pork cubes and cashew nuts are served at the table. The fact is that the names of dishes are translated as “the ability to take the exam” and “the ability to be first.”

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