New semester


We are starting the second semester, and it started quite fast. People seem to be in the holiday mood still and the weather is warm in Kouvola. This week, everyone has been smiling and warm to each other which we hope to become a usual behavior.

We have new students which we have not met yet but we are quite sure they are all awesome people. We will let you all know about them as much as we get to know about them. Our first tip to them about our school, read The Insider.

This week, Liidia is going to tell you about a big museum in Russia which is named Russia – My history. I like museums, especially historical ones. We got lot of them back home and it is always an experience to visit them.

Since we have an Asian author, you are going to have a different look on Lunar New Year. Daisy is bringing her knowledge and experience about it. If you are able to, make sure to visit east on a lunar new year time. I will surely.

We had a very important guest last week. Minister Pekka Haavisto was in Paja and Anna was there for us to tell us about it. He obviously talked about students as well but we will see how much this will help students in future.

Lasagna is a beloved. Claudia is bringing us how to make it properly. I am not going to make it myself because I will stalk on her and whenever she makes lasagna, I will ring her bell at home and say hi. I am sure she will give me some of it.

Prakhar visited the movie theater four us and chose the new Star Wars movie. Let’s hope it is a good one. I don’t bring my hopes up.

I hope everyone passed all their classes and all the teachers are happy with their students. Good luck in the new semester to everyone.

Muhammet Cakiroglu

Muhammet Cakiroglu
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