New Toy

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So erm, I got a new toy, just as the title said. It’s a present from me to myself for basically no special occasion, unless birthday counts as one. I spent quite an amount of time to think whether I should get it because well, I’m almost old enough to buy alcohol in Finland already but dad still doesn’t want me to have one since I might get addicted to it. Once I get addicted to it, there’s no turning back and I’d probably spend a fortune buying it to satisfy myself even more. Mom didn’t voice any opinion on whether I would own one of those so-called toys. Anyway, I went to Helsinki just to find out the last product was in Tampere’s store, so I went home and order online instead. It took around 4 days for me to receive my order, but it was worth it. My Nikon FE with the lens I bought are here, along with four rolls of films. I couldn’t help myself running around the apartment like a maniac to later sigh in distress as the camera didn’t have any batteries in it. I was planning to go out and take a few random shots, but it turned to be a trip to S-market to get some ammo for shooting instead. By the time I got the batteries, the sun was already down and all the rolls I bought were ISO 200, so I went home in sadness. Poor me.  

I finally got the chance to go out and take some shots, but OMG, developing and scanning takes a fortune… R.I.P to my wallet. Now I understand why dad didn’t want me to have an analogue camera. Anyhoo, here are some shots I tried on my friends lol. Quite okay I believe.  

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