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Have you ever wondered how many calories you need to intake to be strong and healthy? Do you know how train wisely and productive? How to succeed in sports not damaging your health?

One of the exchange students, Minh-Dat David Vu, studying environmental engineering in XAMK, Mikkeli decided to share his knowledge about nutrition & fitness based on researchers` books, worldwide known coaches, and his own experience.

Here are some points from the seminar:

• Going hard immediately is unnecessary. 80% of the result comes from 20% of efforts. So, 3 times per week with an hour to hour and a half should be enough for a beginner.
• The base for healthy life: Nutrition, sleep and training! People often underestimate the power of sleep and how much nutrition has power over training. If you are planning on loosing weight and you don’t make sure you have a calorie deficit the training does not matter if you still eat more than your body can burn.
• Human body takes calories from whatever food you put into it however if you want to stay healthy it may be better to focus on intaking calories from right sources.
• There are macronutrients such as fiber, protein, fat, and protein that must be considered in everyday diet. There are also other nutrient that one must consider such as vitamins, or supplements like protein powder or creatine if you aim is to get bigger muscles.
• And again, the rule 80/20 can be applied to your eating habits: 80% Clean and 20% of any some cheat-meals.
• Set Meal plan – it is easier to follow a healthy lifestyle if you have planned beforehand.
• Progression: more you push, easier your body adapts.
• Exercise selection – it is important to workout what feel good for your body.
• Rest periods between the exercises is not as important for your body.

Nutrition and fitness is a part of our lives that many underestimate. It helps boost good mood and positive body image. These types of seminars are a great way to share knowledge for those who already are interested in this topic or for those who have just started their journey.

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