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From 21.08 to 23.08 2020, a large online conference was held, which was organized by Marjala. This organization is engaged in strengthening intercultural relations between Russia and Finland, by studying the language, traditions, and culture of both countries. I met the organizers of this event at a conference on higher education at the House of Finland in St. Petersburg. And I was lucky to present XAMK and share my story of receipt again, but already on the online platform.

This conference lasted three days, about 50 speakers took part. The conference was divided into thematic blocks, where speakers shared their experiences. The following blocks were presented:

-Block about the Finnish language, was devoted to the experience of student teachers in the study of the Finnish language, life hacks for the study of the language, grammatical features, etc.

-Block about different levels of education in Finland, was devoted to the process of admission to universities, colleges, lyceums, schools, prof. schools in Finland. Parents, students shared their stories, experiences, advice. In this block, the interview format was chosen.

-Block about work in Finland, was dedicated to recruiting, assistance in setting up a business, speakers shared their stories about moving to Finland through hiring, etc.

-Block about moving and living in Finland, was dedicated to the stories of speakers who, in the first person, told how they prepared documents, how they adapted to life and life in Finland, what problems they faced, and answered current questions about how to collect all the documents for moving, what documents are needed now for registration, what new rules exist in the citizen’s registration system, what you need to be prepared for when you are already in Finland and much more.

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Here is feedback from the organizers of this conference: «Conference «Finland |Relocation» gave us the chance to meet a lot of people who have moved to Finland and are about to move. We were looking for speakers and corresponded for 3 months in order to gather everyone and fit in 3 days. Before that, we had already organized 2 conferences at the House of Finland in St. Petersburg, but there was a maximum of 100 people, the hall could no longer fit. There were more than 260 participants here. It was exciting that everything went technically everything went flawlessly, but our partners from the event agency organized everything perfectly. For 3 days, almost from 10 to 10, we broadcasted and at the same time a closed chat of participants in Telegram worked, where people got to know each other, with speakers, asked questions. The chat continues its life; it was a great networking idea! As organizers, we want to note that we really liked the idea of ​​combining and exchanging useful information in a concentrated form – after all, just ordinary people who were ready to share their experience spoke at the conference, and it is not easy to search for such information yourself. We like to be a “unifying principle”, to provide quality information and get to know each other, for this it is worth organizing such events.

 From myself, I can say that I really enjoyed participating in this conference, answering the most exciting questions of both parents and children. It was certainly exciting, but at the same time very positive and homely. Many thanks to Marjala for the opportunity to take part in such a large-scale online event!

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