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More than a month has passed since I moved to Finland. It amazed me how some of my habits changed in a short time, one of them is walking in the fresh air. I began to do it more often.

     In St. Petersburg, I also liked to walk, but I could not always combine this with my studies, and as well I had to spend time getting to the park, but in Finland, it is completely different. Every day, I can enjoy the beauty of nature and take a walk in the park or forest, even while going to university. I am very pleased with this new habit because I began to feel much better, my sleep pattern also began to improve.

Why are walks in the fresh air useful?

1) Improves health

 The main benefits of walking in the fresh air are positive effects on health. Physical activity combined with a walk-in nature helps to strengthen the immune system, even during cold periods. Daily walks improve the work of the heart and blood vessels, and lower blood pressure. The metabolism is accelerated, which cannot be achieved just by visiting a regular gym.

2) Relieves stress

 Walking in the fresh air is very useful in case of severe stress, fatigue, and bad mood. This is very important for a modern person. A pleasant, clean scent promotes relaxation, improves mood, and the scent of trees reduces tiredness and stress. Walking slowly, the person begins to feel calm and happy. He is left alone with the beauty of nature and his thoughts, which allows him to get the maximum benefit for the nervous system.

3)Improves sleep

Most people don not even consider the importance of fresh air for sleep quality. Those who spend more time outside the home sleep is much stronger, and when they wake up, they feel much happier and more active. Walking in the cool fresh air before bed is also important.

4)Improves brain function

If you want to become smarter and increase your productivity, then you need to spend more time outdoors. Taking short walks in parks or forests improves memory and increases concentration by about 20%.

Have a nice walk!