Pets, the beloved friend of humankind

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Pet, a common thing to all the people worldwide. I used to have a lot of pets and now I still owned two dogs and a cat back home. I cannot express all of my feeling about them, they are just indispensable. They have contributed a lot to my childhood so between me and them are a bunch of good times.

Maybe pets have taught us many things. Loyalty, happiness, love, CUDDLE TIME! There are many discussions about whether you are a dog person or a cat person or other like goldfish, bird, hamster, etc. But for me, I love to own any one of them, despite their differences, they are still your best friend, you choose to take care of them because you love them and they love you in their way too. Moreover, they may even teach you that difference doesn’t matter too, who knows wink.

This is a picture of my cat at the moment I picked him up in my garden and him slowly turning into a potato.

Let me tell you a story of mine with my cat back then. At home, I have a little garden next to the main door, we usually spot an animal in the little garden, with the sunshine, butterfly. It is very beautiful and calm to see sometimes. But extraordinary things happen, we saw a mother cat with a bunch of her offspring. We build her a cardboard house since it is rain season when we saw her. We feed her with cat food and soon she grow trust in us and always meowing when she saw us. I never felt this good when we taking care of a small cat family. Until 2-3 months later, her kitten has opened their eyes, see the big wide world awaiting them outside my garden. It was very loud when they start calling their mother cat haha. Eventually, the mother decides to move away, we cannot spot her anymore but we are sure she is moving those kittens too since the number of kittens decreases overnight and night. But there is one individual who got left behind. He was the last one which didn’t get a move away. We don’t think she forgot him but we think the mother give him to us, as a thank you. I took him indoor and got him a little box fill with soft pillows.

It’s like taking care of a baby, he was loud and very active at night. No wonder she left him, just kidding :). When he can start climbing and walking around, there is something wrong with his leg. It was weak and he can hardly run. We thought he has an illness, but nope, he hit us hard when he was a little older. He would run around the house, asking for food regularly, jumping on us when we sleeping. basically he just having a blast in my house. But despite all that his kitty eyes is too cute to blame. We love that he has grown and matured, to be honest, I am very proud of myself. It is a long process with ups and downs, but that is why it is a story worth telling.

Pet can be a friend who will always be on your side when you feeling down, always ready to make that frown upside down. So keep showing your love and care. You going to receive all of its love too, believe me. So would you like to share your story about yourself with your pet?