Preparation for a Skype/telephone interview


The summer is coming, the semester is ending and many of us are looking for some possible activities during the summer break for example an internship. Many times, the interviewers will not invite you directly to a job interview in the company itself but for an interview via phone or skype. If you have never done something like that before it might be first quite challenging to manage the new way of doing an interview that’s why you can find here a step by step guide that will help you.

Skype interview

Find a good room where you can be undisturbed. Make sure that your electronical device with which you will hold the interview works properly. You can do some tests with Skype to check if the microphone is working. Then, be sure that the background which will be seen in the video is clean, don´t put any unnecessary and deflecting nor embarrassing items in the background. The perfect background would be for example a plant on a shelf. A white wall is not a good solution, it will make you appear too bright.
Don´t choose the option to sit with your back facing a window, it will create the worst lightning ever.
Make sure that the room is not completely empty, otherwise there will be an echo created which can make it quite hard for the interviewer to focus on what you say.
The camera should be on the same height as your eyes so that it creates a nice angle that shows your face not from underneath. The best trick here is to place the technical device you use on a small platform made out of books for example.
Make sure that your internet connection is stable and that you have your charger close to you, plugged in or that your electronical device is fully charged.
Be prepared, know the name of your interviewer and nothing can go wrong!

Telephone interview

To do a telephone interview you don´t have to think about so many things as for a skype interview. One rule applies here too, make sure that the room you are having the phone call in is not too empty so that there is no echo created. Also, be sure that no one is disturbing you and that there are no disruptive factors from outside like a construction site in front of the rooms window. Make sure that your telephone is fully charged.
Although no one will see you, it is helpful to dress up as if you actually would go to the interview because it will bring you in the mood for the interview and it will make you feel more professional and prepared. Also, it is helpful to wear shoes because they will give you a more stable stand on the ground which will give your voice a more stable sound.
Don´t walk around during the phone call, it will make you unconcentrated and the interviewer will feel that.

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