• What is your name and where are you from? My name is Maud  Aumiphin and I am from Saint-Raphaël, a little city located in the South-Eastern part of France. 
  •  What do you study? I study my Masters in Strategy Management at Université Lumière Lyon 2. 
  •  Why did you come to Xamk for studies? I came to Finland because I would like to improve my English and live far away from my family to become mature. Also, I came here to discover Finland landscapes. In addition, I moved here to know how the finish people live because in my country when it’s snowing its apocalypse but here it’s normal and now, I am used to live in this kind of weather, this is very good because before I hated cold.  
  •  What do you miss about France? I miss my mum’s cuisine. I missed her “Tomate Farcies” it is called “stuffed tomatoes” in English. And, I miss the quality of the vegetables from France. –  
  • How many countries have you visited? I have visited 15 countries. Just to mention a few, Australia, Iceland, Finland, Malte, etc.  
  • What do you like about Finland so far? I like the sloppiness of people from Finland, i don’t feel any pressure here my wears and lifestyle. I think the Finland people live more in contact with the nature than other the Europeans.  
  •  What is your passion? My passion is training in fitness center. In addition, I have discovered a new passion: It is snowboarding. I really like it and I have already planned to visit Kouvola’s ski station next year to continue practicing snowboarding because this sport really makes me happy!  
  •  Where would you love to visit in the future after Finland? I really want to visit Venezuela, because I have never had the opportunity to discover Latin America.  
  • What would you like to become after studies? After my study, I am thinking about openning a startup company or to become a market researcher in France.