Stela Demaj, our Albanian student from IB17. She talked something about her country Albania.

Why did you choose Finland for higher education?
Because one of my friends who comes from Albania introduced me to this school, she told me about the good program they have so I decided to try it.

What do you think is the biggest difference between the education system of Finland and Albania?
Well, in Albania they try to push students to learn a lot of stuff, they don’t concentrate in one subject. In Finland as far as I have seen, it is like the opposite, they only concentrate in one field. The lecturers in Albania don’t pay too much attention on each student, but they push them to work really hard, give out a lot of homework, students in Albania usually get really tired of school.

How would you describe your country or people in three words?
Loyal, help, and nice. If there is something bad about them that is sometimes they might be so judgmental. But they wont discriminate others, like race or belief or nation, so that’s the good thing.

Which Albanian tourist attractions you would recommend the most?
I would say the northern Albania is beautiful, there are places called Theth and Valbona which have a lot mountains, And on the southern side of Albania there is a city called Dhermi that has the most beautiful sea that I have ever seen, the sea is not with sand but rocks so that makes it cleaner and blue like a crystal. People our age can always have fun there.

And some tips about traveling in Albania?
You have to take a map with you because not everyone knows English. Maybe they won’t be able to help even though they want to. There are so many good restaurants in Tirana which serve traditional Albanian dishes, usually they are located in suburban area of Tirana instead of city center.

Is there any question you would like to ask to our next interviewee?
Yes. Would you live in Finland for the rest of your life if it is possible

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