Kehan Chen
Kehan Chen, a Chinese student in game design, it is his first year in Xamk.

Why do you choose Finland to study game design?
Finland is pretty much a country of game design. There is a game called Clash of Clans, it is designed by a Finnish game company. This game is really famous around the world. Another one is Angry Birds which is also from Finland. Actually in 2014 I wanted to come to Finland studying but my visa was rejected that time which was a pity for me. Plus, the tuition fee here is lower than other countries like Britain and USA.

What do you think of the learning environment in your group?
Much better than I have imagined. I was thinking students here might not under too much pressure so they could be kind of lazy, but it is quite the opposite. I mean everyone in my class is really concentrating and the quality of assignments are usually high. Many of them have attended to art schools before so they are great at drawing.

Which is the most difficult thing in game design in your opinion?
As for me, drawing. I don’t have too much experience in drawing, I haven’t learned it professionally before. So I am not that good compared to others in my class.

Are there some must-have skills being a game design student?
Drawing skill is crucial for us. There are quite some steps in game design like video game concept art, storytelling, animation and 3D modeling. They require you to have an excellent painting skill. Especially in concept art and 3D modeling. They show in a form of image, like in concept art we draw the first draft of a game. Another important thing is patience. You have to be patient because usually it cost 3-4 hours drawing a picture if your concentrating enough.

Is there any question you want to ask to our next interviewee?
If there is any facility you want our campus to have, what will it be?