Nikolay Simonenkov

I always think profile section is a brilliant part of insider magazine, it gives us the chance to get to know the people around us, students and staff, about their works, interests and so on. For this issue, I interviewed Nikolay Simonenkov, a Russian student from IB16.

What are your interests?
Mostly mountain skiing, cycling and sometimes playing games.

You mentioned mountain skiing, what do you benefit from it?
I improve my balancing skills, it was as good as exercising and just enjoy it

How often do you do exercises like skiing and cycling?
Mostly in holidays. Like week and month holidays, I go mountain skiing because it’s one of the interesting things I can do in Finland

What games do you like and why?
The only reason I play games nowadays is when my friends call me. Either Dota or. I can’t see my friends in Moscow very often
since I’m here, so games kind of build a connection between us, basically it’s the only way I can socialize with them because if I text them it’s like” meh”. But during the game I can talk to them.

There’s a question form my last interviewee, if there is a facility you want our university to have, what would it be?
The only facility that I can think of is that where helps students directly to find a job in Finland, it’s not like the basic training you have in the first year, but something make students to find a job easier.

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