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  • Where are you from?  I am Kate Chernucha and I am from Belarus. (Do you know this country?) My country shares its border with Russia, Ukraine, Latvia, Lithuania, and Poland. 
  • What do you study?  I study International Business 
  • Why did you come to Xamk for study?I wanted to check if Finnish universities are so good as everyone is talking. In addition, I wanted to know if Finland is that cold like everyone is saying. 
  • What do you miss about Belarus?Low prices in terms of food (Oh I am a foodie!!, shopping, and hair-dressing but most of all, I miss my family, friends and my cat, Tesla (Yes! That’s true my cat’s name is tesla lol) 
  • What do you like about Finnish people: They are quite shy, but they are always ready to help. 
  • What do you like now about Finland since you’ve been here for two months?I met amazing new friends here. I like Finland’s nature, beautiful ponds, lakes, views and fresh air!! I must tell you that I breathe very well than in Minsk where 2 million people live.