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student story
Iida Pilli-Sihvola I’m from Kouvola I was studying a bachelor’s degree in Mikkeli now I moved here since I’m only finishing my thesis. I was born in Kuusankoski. My parent’s house it’s like a typical Finnish house. If you think about a Finnish house, how do you imagine it? I imagine it a big red house with a huge yard that children can play around. We had no neighbors nearby so we didn’t bother anyone. Most of my summers I’ve spent at my grandparent’s summer cottage. I was training karate while growing up for about 8 years but I guess when I became a teenager other things got my interest. I went to Kuusankoski high school and graduated from the school in 2016. I applied to mikkeli university of applied sciences Comunity educator(Yhteisöpedagogi) I like studying here it’s very qualitative education. When we graduate we can work in youth houses or anything to do with yongestrs it’s a wide area what we can do. I’ve been in school for my whole life and I’m looking forward to graduating to go out to have a real job and travel. This year I’m elected as President of the Kaako organization. Kaako is the student union in XAMK, it is run from students for students. If there is any problem with studies, in life or any XAMK locations we can help get over the problems and we have specialist who can tell what’s the problem. We are inside the institution and if there is any problem that we can take we are here to help about official problems like if you dont get your study points on time or if a teacher is not good enough on his job, the building is not healthy or cleaned, if the air it’s not fresh inside university and personal problems that affect your studying like health care and housing. We have advocasy specialist ( he is the one who manage all the problem solving and she takes care for all the campuses). If students join us they get the student card and they get benefits like discounts and we have discounts that we can use in Helsinki or other locations. JOIN US! I got elected as a president of kaako for 2020. is a big responsibility. I’m responsible for all the board members that they finnish their tasks and of course the people who work for us. I like challenges and I hope I will get to know more people It and more students all over finland get some new great memories and learn how to be a manager It’s giving me the experiense of mananing a real company. Being able to see the challenges from a leader’s point of view inspires me to think that in the future, I might find my self in politics. I’ve always been intersted to help people for example in Kaako I help people. Most of the people just don’t feel comfortable to stand for themselves and as a community educator, I can do that with youngsters too. soo that we that we can all proceed to a better future. I think we all need to find a job that inspires us to go to work every day.

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