Summer job part 2

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Hope you are already looking for a summer job! Right? Last week I wrote that now is the right time to start sending all the applications because the summer places are not unlimited. 

As I promise you last time, that I will write about how to find a summer job and what you need to take into consideration. 

Every time I’m looking for a summer job, I put myself into the mood of doing everything. That means basically cleaning, watering flowers in the florist’s, garbage collection, office assistant role, etc. I hope you understand what I meant. 

You have to decide what are your expectations. 

For me, a summer job is just an opportunity to develop work experience from different sectors and to earn money for a living. I remember one summer I was an elderly care assistant, and it was fun! If you are looking only for a high-end summer job, you might end up with any job, and basic places are filled too.

I’m not saying that you should not aim for the moon. I really mean that at this stage you should focus on developing work experience, rather than being selective. 

Do you know what employers value? Work experience in various fields! 

After once you have decided what you want to do, you should edit your resume to match the requested job position. Do you follow? Good! 

Did you know that the most common reason why some get a job and others don’t? Ugly and messy CV. Make sure that your cv is up to date and that it’s clear and well structured. If you need help, I can help. 

Okay, now your cv is updated, and it’s clear and well structured. Now is the time to start your motivation letter. 

Motivation letter (cover letter): 

  • Remember to introduce yourself (don’t just say your name, because the person who receives your cv knows to read your name). Who you are, where you are coming from etc.? 
  • Mention the job you are applying for (maybe the company have different places open, and it is more professional to do so)
  • You must bring up your skills (It’s not necessary to bring piano skills but skills that are needed or are expected to that position) it’s recommended to show your experiences as well. 
  • Make the cover letter interesting (encourage the reader to read your resume)
  • SOS! Check for grammatical errors (there is nothing more disgusting than reading an application full of grammatical errors) 
  • Be sure to tag the referrer! 
  • Finish with a call to action (for e.g., asking for an interview or a meeting) 

 Remember to keep it short, no more than one page. You should be able to express yourself with one page. 

Ask yourself, does my cover letter match up with this position? If it does, good job. If it doesn’t, do it again. 

Do not give up after sending one application. You should send at least 20-30 applications, for you are not the only applicant.  

This year I’m not applying to the summer job, I’m applying for an internship. Basically, this same guidance also works in it too.  

Let us know if you liked this guide helpful. And good luck finding a summer job. 

Sincerely yours,