Sunsets or who creates them.

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Vol. 25, Issue 06, 14 October 2022  

According to the legend, which is passed down through many peoples and generations, it says that once upon a time there lived a young man and a girl who loved each other madly, which involuntarily caused envy among people. But human malice and envy began to haunt them, and unable to resist the evil tricks, the lovers left the people. The young man became the blue sea, and the girl became the red sun. And only at sunset do the sea and the sun touches each other. The legend is incredibly beautiful and if you think about it, indeed, the sea and the sky are constantly touching along the horizon line.

People can determine the weather by sunsets. If after sunrise the sky remains red for a long time, then the day will be unbearably hot. Another sign said that if before sunrise the sky in the east will be red, and after sunrise, this color will immediately disappear – there will be rain. And according to my observations, it always turned out that way.

But let’s look at it from a scientific point of view. When a beam of white sunlight passes through the atmosphere, some of the colors of the beam are scattered by air molecules and change the final color of the beam that the viewer sees. Light with a short wavelength is scattered more strongly. Also, the color of the sky depends not only on the fact that light passes at an angle but also on the number of different particles that are in the atmosphere. A bright yellow-orange sunset can be seen only when the atmosphere is clear, then the sunset will be red. Evening air contains more different particles than morning air. This is because during the day the Sun heats the surface of the Earth, the wind speed increases, and dust rises into the air.

Description of the sunset allows each of us to learn how to express our feelings. Those feelings that permeate us during sunset, especially if it happens on the seashore, are the most unique. The surface of the sea impresses with its beauty, on which the sun’s rays play at sunset, forming a path to the sun itself as if pointing the right way. During sunset, the wind subsides, and daytime life stops for some minutes. And as the Sun sets completely, the moon rises, and the Milky Way seems to continue the line of fate

After sunset, night comes. This is a time of solitude and reflection. What is the new day preparing for us, what will it bring? The description of the sunset touches the tenderest strings of a person’s soul, making him romantic and vulnerable. Moreover, it is a way to take a break from the endless hustle and bustle, of work and your environment. The beauty of the sunset gives strength, cleanses, inspires, and pleases.

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