Survive a long flight


A flight home is probably everything a foreign student wants after a long academic year. But for students whose home countries are so far away, a long 20-hour flight is not a very pleasant idea. My flight to Vietnam once lasted for a solid full day, that’s exactly 24 hours, so I understand that nightmare deeply. Good news is, you can steal some very great tips here to make your long-haul flight much more breathable!

Choose your seat

Most long flights allow you to choose your seat beforehand, so take that advantage and save yourself from many discomforts. If you want to walk around or stretch your body once in a while, choose the aisle seat. If you need a solid wall to rest your head and don’t want to be disturbed by others, choose the window seat (my favourite!). Just don’t choose the middle seat if you are travelling alone, we all know how awkward and uncomfortable sitting between strangers is.

Pack your gears

Bring neck pillows, eye mask, earplugs, a good Beats headphone, a tablet… anything that can keep you comfortable and entertained. You can also consider taking a sleeping pill if you have trouble sleeping. Long flights may feel like forever if you can’t sleep.

Dress comfortably

You should wear the most comfortable clothes and shoes you have, or bring extra pieces to change on plane. Loose-fitting clothes like sweatpants, hoodies, t-shirts… are great choices. Also remember to wear long-sleeved shirt and layer your clothes, because the temperature on the plane can change dramatically (most of the time super cold).

Show some love to your skin

If you want to appear pretty, youthful, celebrity-like after a long flight, better take care of your skin too! I always bring my makeup removers and cleansers on board to swipe away all my makeup, making my skin more breathable. As the air on the plane will suck out all your skin moisture, make sure to drink plenty of water, and be friend with sheet mask, face mist, and lip balm. Your skin will thank you afterwards.

On plane beauty

Other helpful tips

  • Help yourself at transits by bringing as less carry-on as possible, only the essentials.
  • Pack your own snacks. Protein-rich and easily digestible ones are the best options. You don’t want to pay for outrageously expensive snacks on plane, or stay craving and be even more uncomfortable!
  • Stay away from caffeine, it keeps you awake and dehydrates you more. Drink green teas instead for a better sleep.
  • Super important: Stay hydrated! Drink as much water as you can on board, it will make both your body and skin feel much better. You can ask for water from the flight attendants, or bring your own bottle and fill it after checking in.

No need to double your ticket price by upgrading to business class, just be well-prepared and you are good to go. Have a great journey guys!