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Vol. 25, Issue 15, 03 February 2023

Carbonated water or Sparkling water is used as a soft drink from Mineral or ordinary water saturated with carbon dioxide. There are three types of carbonated water according to the level of carbon dioxide saturation:

•slightly carbonated with a mass fraction of carbon dioxide from 0.2 to 0.3 %;

•average carbonated — 0.3—0.4 %;

•highly carbonated — more than 0.4 %

The use of carbonated drinks can lead to harm to human health.

A person needs to consume a lot of fluids to carry out normal life processes. Many people take this advice literally and do not drink pure water or mineral water, but sweet carbonated drinks, which can cause the following diseases to develop:

1. Osteoporosis, bone fragility.

2. Caries, destruction of tooth enamel, tooth loss.

3. Formation of kidney stones.

4. Overweight, obesity, cellulite.

5. Diabetes mellitus.

6. Lethargy, drowsiness, decreased performance (these symptoms are caused by hypoglycemia).

7. Alzheimer’s disease.

8. Decrease in the concentration of nutrients in the blood.

9. Dehydration of the body.

10. Increased blood pressure.

In general, carbon dioxide does not pose a danger to human health by itself. It is added to sodas for a longer shelf life of the product. But in combination with water, carbon dioxide activates the secretion of gastric juice, increasing.

XVIII – Natural mineral water in bottles began to be sold in the XVIII century. Bottling was expensive, and the gas came out quickly. Therefore, scientists were looking for a way to recreate the bubbles – to make soda. In 1770, Soda would not have worked without beer. In 1767, the English chemist Joseph Priestley collected the fermentation gas in brewing vats and dissolved it in water. And in 1770, the Swede Thorburn Bergman invented a device for carbonation – a saturator. He saturated the water with carbon dioxide under pressure using a pump.1783 – Jacob Schwepp was the first to patent soda in 1783. And opened production with an industrial saturator in Switzerland. Later, to save carbon dioxide was replaced with baking soda. So at the beginning of the XIX century, a “soda” appeared, named after Schweppe, and still exists. Back in the 1800s, Americans were making sweet sodas. And by the end of the century, they had secret recipes.

Now there is soda with different flavors and tonic additives. You can prepare simple cocktails or drink chilled.

Naturally carbonated water has been known since ancient times and has been used for medicinal purposes. Hippocrates devoted an entire chapter of his work to this water and ordered the sick not only to drink it but also to bathe in it. In the XVIII century, mineral water from the springs began to be bottled and transported around the world. However, it was very expensive and also quickly exhausting. Therefore, later attempts were made to artificially pollute the water.

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