Film review  “The Glory” – Role of education

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Vol 25, Issue 15, 2 February 2023

All phenomena follow the laws of cause and effect, from phenomena in nature to social phenomena. To see the future of a country, and the future of an individual person, one need only look at education. When I watch “The Glory,” a Korean drama, I look at it from an educator’s perspective.

In the movie “The Glory” the main character is Moon Dong Eun – a high school student. She is the daughter of a poor family, her parents are not taking care of her. They only take care of money. She received no education from her family. However, she has a pure heart, has a resilient will. She herself is aware of the role of learning. She tries to study well to overcome poverty. Unfortunately, she is bullied by a group of bad, rich, lazy students. They made her do her homework, physically tortured her and tortured her mentally. Dong Eun reached out to the headmaster for help. But he was afraid of the power and money of the spoiled student’s family. The teacher did not fulfill the responsibilities of a teacher, did not create fairness among students, and did not create confidence in students about the social order according to the law. The teacher’s actions sowed a bad cause that resulted in an unfair and uncivilized society in which money determines right from wrong. This teacher contributed to a cold, ruthless, many dark plots, living only in hatred and revenge woman-Dong Eun. And the teacher lost his life. Because Dong Eun sought to approach the teacher’s son, to find a way for the teacher to suffer and pay the price for the son he loved. When I watched this film, I was very disgruntled by this teacher’s actions. If he raised his arms to help, support, and defend Dong Eun, Dong Eun’s life and his own would have changed.

The role of education is undeniable. The Finnish government has been and continues to invest in education. Finnish education becomes one of the best in the world. This is one of the reasons for Finland’s economic development now and in the future. I strongly believe in this result because I believe in Finnish education.

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