Vol no 25, issue no 15, 3 February 2023

Well, in my life I never met with any entrepreneur. But when I got to know about that one entrepreneur is coming to meet with us personally in our campus. I felt very good and I was also very super excited to met with him and listen his successful life story. When I met with him that time I listen to him carefully, and I also learned a lot thing from him which I would like to explain. Firstly, HEIKKI REIJONEN is the businessman of real estate company. I learned from his story that everyone have to try in their life in order to get the success. Moreover, I also learned from him that customer relationship is more important in business to take a business to the next level. If the customer satisfied with the company then company can easily get the success. So, to be a good businessman we have to concreate on the needs of customer and also try to increase the interest of customer towards our company. Furthermore, we always try to take feedback from the customer which can be good or bad. Company should ask the questions from their client and also should say to them I love to drive your problem in order to solve it.

In addition to this, focus on sales and price might be helpful for the company. If you are a business man then you have to know about your selling. You need to focus on the benefits of the buyer by your selling efforts. Besides this, am also learn from him that in order to gain more profits and success, people should dream big and also try to fulfill this dream. Nothing is impossible if they set goal for themselves and take risk to get success. Moreover, It is generally seen that when people never set goal for themselves then they not only waste their time but also waste money by choosing wrong path of their life.  One thing is also more important in order to walk on this path which is health. In the modern world, it is normally seen that people don’t care to their health and work hard. So, in my opinion, paying attention on health is also one of the keys of success. Through his story, I gained myriad knowledge which is very important not only in business but also in the real life. Am thanks him a lot to give us his precious time and to teach us important information.

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