Winter is coming..


Who would have ever assumed that Kouvola is boring city, when every time citizens of this town look out of their windows – they are seeing different picture? Today it might be “hiding under the umbrella day” and tomorrow people’s faces will be covered with woollen scarfs from snowflakes.

No matter what weather disaster you are experiencing today – “Insider” is infinite. There can be nothing better than fascinating reading while drinking coffee from the paper cup in the library or keeping yourself busy during long Finnish evenings (hey, is that 5 a.m. or p.m.?!)

In this issue everyone would find something entertaining according its taste.

For example, if you have missed Workshop in Paja last week – definitely take a look at the Muhammet’s article; he described all the main things that were happening there.

If you are a true fan of Finnish hockey – there is a big surprise for you! Lidiia has interviewed one of the players of Kouvolan KooKoo team. It is genuinely ice and flames!

Also be ready for one more intriguing student’s story. What a chance to find new connections or friends right within University doors!

Do not struggle to much while choosing a perfect film to watch with your partner. Nikita has reviewed one of the most expected films of this month “Terminator”.

«I’ll be back» – Arnold Schwarzenegger (as it was promised)

For all pizza lovers (oh that poor student life) Claudia has shared secret Italian recipe of one of the classics – Pizza Margherita. Yum-yum

Finally, do not forget to take a peek at two MUST GO events: International Week and TEDxXamk. See you there😉

Winter is coming, but also bringing many new discoveries. Keep eyes open!

Text by Anna Ryndina