How to Write a Cover Letter? Tips to Succeed


We are almost halfway through the second and last semester of studies this school year, which means summer is coming! Most of students tend to do their basic, professional or both of trainings during the summer months. Some of them are ambitious enough to apply for positions abroad. How to do that? Firstly, find an appropriate internship for your interests and skills and then… Conquer the world by showing how great you are! A well-made CV and cover letter can help you a lot in getting the desired job. Want to know some tips about how to write the best cover letter possible? Look below!

  1. Remember individualization. Always put the things which are the most important for this particular company. If you’re applying to a fashion magazine, write about how good you are with your own style but not pay too much attention to your love for dogs, for example. Always keep in mind the company and its main values.
  2. Be personal and authentic. Write exactly what you feel towards your opportunities and possibilities connected to the position which you are applying for. There’s nothing wrong with being honest about your dreams and expectations.
  3. Don’t repeat your CV. Your curriculum vitae says a lot about you already so there is no point in repeating what you have already presented. Write down the things which are too long for your CV. Impress and tell more about yourself.
  4. Use a lot of numbers. Companies value the numerical statistics. If you have a lot of followers on Social Media, write it down in your cover letter. If you’ve been working in one company for many years, write it down. If you won contests and got awards, write it down. Every professional fact about you is valuable.
  5. Don’t forget about references. If you have references from bosses and other important people, don’t hesitate to use it. You can easily put a quote by your previous employer saying how passionate you are about what you do.
  6. Don’t be too posh. Try to avoid phrases like ‘born leader’, ‘the best of the best’, etc. Being humble is also valuable. However, you need to remember about your strong sides and show it without looking selfish and arrogant.
  7. Enjoy the process! Be yourself, write freely but adequately. Find a golden middle between being way too serious and totally crazy and irresponsible. Balance is the best thing in everything and it takes effort and skills as well.

The fact that you know how to introduce and ‘promote’ your skills and thoughts as a worker will say a lot about you as an individual to your future employer. I’m sure you are a great talented person, so show it to the managers! Be yourself in the best way possible and you will easily get the desired position.