YouTube as a career, part 1.


Like all the millennials in the world, I spend most of my time on the internet. Fairly speaking, it is a magical place. You can find out what’s happening in a country 8000 km away just by a click of a mouse. One website that I have visited frequently for the past 5 years is YouTube, which I guess everyone is familiar with. As a daily watcher, I noticed a trend that has rose in recent years: more and more people choose making YouTube videos as a career.

There is a number of reasons behind this notion. While others are flipping burgers and making minimum wage, a YouTuber can earn as much as $1000 on a video with ~ 100,000 views. This reason alone piques lots of people’s interests. But if one’s main reason for making videos is money, their whole career plan will not last long. It takes genuine efforts and knowledges in order to have YouTube as a job. Many do not consider YouTube a real job, but surprise surprise, it is.

However, there are certain YouTube channels who did not plan to make a living off of YouTube when they first started posting videos, mostly in 2006 – 2010. This is my favorite era on this website, since all the creators were making videos out of boredom or for fun, so they were incredibly original. These folks gradually went from having a few hundreds to millions of subscribers in the timespan of a decade, perhaps more. They quit their real-life jobs to become a full-time YouTubers – which seems insane to many people. This sort of dedication is what contributes to their long term success. Many of them have their own movies, go on world tours, interview celebrities/popular figures, publish books, open clothing lines,..etc. What is truly amazing, is they all come from humble beginnings, some even had to struggle both physically and mentally to achieve those impossibles.

Expectedly, there are numerous downsides of being dependent on YouTube, but it would make this a 50 part series. So, this is part 1 of the topic that I’ve always been passionate about. All in all, career-wise, I am 100% supportive of the idea of being a YouTuber. Although, of course, it is dicey and tiresome as any other job. Tune in the next issue of INSIDER for part 2! Adiós!