An itchy foot at least twice a year is significant for human beings.

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Vol 25, Issue 19 17 March 2023

 Living beings are the one made up of numerous cells and tissues. The beauty of being a living creature on this planet is beyond comprehension. Every single being is requisite by nature in a certain way. Besides oxygen, nitrogen, and carbon is fundamental in our life, travel diaries are also the closest library to evolve in life. Traveling once in a while is like a building block element of life.

seeing through the sky

Travel is like exploration to the beauty of nature, flying high in the sky to create a brand-new personality. There are several types of research done by numerous researchers that show that 70% of people get at least one form of health benefit from taking a vacation. Adventures improve our minds and body. Along with physical, it also improves our mental, and social well-being. Then there is a question that arises in every individual’s mind: How often should we travel? So according to several studies, it is reported that taking two longer trips once a year is highly recommended.

region in Nepal

Travel helps to program yourself into an intelligent person. You will be surprised to revisit yourself as a brand-new person. It will teach you a new discipline in your life. It will also educate you about different beings and learn cross-cultural things.

Temple in India

Exploration by any means like holidaying or enjoying vacation inside or outside your home country is significant. Short or long breaks anywhere in the globe will help to broader your mind, create exciting memories with your friends, and helps to get adjusted to the new atmosphere.

beauty in Ooty
glimpse of nature in Finland

If the system goes malfunctions in any electronic devices, it needs to be operated or charged for further use. Likewise, we as human beings also face ups and downs in our life where we feel low and need of being recharged. Hence, here travel works like therapy for our minds and soul. Sightseeing a beautiful scenario, and being in completely new weather will help us to understand the need and meaning of adjustment. similarly, meeting new friends will develop confidence in presenting yourself or starting a conversation. Ultimately, there is an extreme need of doing travel or going on a vacation for every individual. It is like a gold mine of life teaching lessons.