Literature review- Challenges and opportunities of Xamk export education to Ukraine (Alevtyna Byieva 2021)

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Vol 25, Issue 19, 17 March 2023

Since the number of Finnish students is low compared to international students by only about 20%, dissertations from 2013 to 2018 at universities in different cities in Finland have explored the attractiveness of Finnish education to international students. However, before the dissertation appeared, the Applied University of Southeast Finland did not have a dissertation to explore this issue. The dissertation aims to identify online advertising tools to expand the university of Southeast Finland’s degree market into the Ukraine market. In this dissertation, Alevtyna Byieva provided analyses based on primary data and secondary studies to give 5 key findings. I will summarize those contents in this review, but the main content that I want to analyze in detail is to determine the appropriate marketing strategies for the Ukrainian market. I’m interested in marketing strategies. More specifically, I would love to learn more about the Ukrainian market.

The educational system in Finland

Finnish education is one of the most advanced education systems in the world and has a high ranking in European countries. Education is highly voted for OECD PISA studies (OECD, 2020). Finnish education is divided into five stages. They can be determined as early childhood education, primary education, basic education, upper secondary education, and higher education.  Each stage has activities to maximize physical, mental as well as knowledge development for students.

Finnish education export strategy

The export of education at a higher level than secondary education such as vocational training, colleges, and universities is supported by the Finnish Ministry of Education. However, the export of education needs to have decisive factors such as relevance, effectiveness, and optimality so that Finnish universities do not lose credibility. After strengthening the education system, the introduction of an education export strategy is market and location, offering, partnership model and partner, business plan, sales, and marketing approach.

The educational system and educational markets in Ukraine

Ukraine is a country whose GDP is largely based on education. Ukraine’s education system has many similarities with the Finnish education system. The online system in Ukraine thrives on the social networking platform that accounts for the highest proportion, Facebook. The best digital marketing development is the social networking system in Ukraine

Concepts and current trends in digital marketing

The development of the Internet led to the development of the digital marketing industry. Marketing is no longer within the confines of one country but globally.

Digital communication tools

Digital communication tools are constantly evolving. Many platforms of many different companies are suitable for many different types of uses. The number of members also varies according to marketing goals

 Social media marketing tools

Ukraine’s development of social networks, including Facebook, Youtube… The use of social media for marketing is an advantage. Through social media, we can evaluate the success of marketing on a certain platform through keyword analysis,  rank checking, site crawling, and backlink analysis.

Digital marketing plan

Digital marketing plans help evaluate and receive customer feedback and product descriptions. Marketing goal setting on a digital platform is both fast and has quite effective analytical results.


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  • Challenges and opportunities of South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences education export to Ukraine – Alevtyna Byieva – 2021 Xamk
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