Easter- A Season of Renewal and Hope


Vol.25 Issue 23, 14 April 2023  

Both Christians and non-Christians observe Easter as a significant holiday in Finland. It is a season of rebirth, hope, and joy, observed according to traditions and practices handed down through the generations. Birch twig adornment is among the most well-liked Easter customs in Finland. This custom, called ‘virpominen,’ includes kids dressing up in vibrant clothing and carrying decorated birch twigs to neighbors’ doors to wish them a good Easter in exchange for treats or monies. This custom is thought to have come about because of the paganism that birches twigs had magical abilities that could fend off evil spirits and bring good luck. In Finland, blazing bonfires are a significant Easter custom. Several portions of the country, especially rural ones, still follow this custom known as ‘Kokko.’ On Holy Saturday, bonfires are lit, and it is thought that doing so represents the onset of spring after a long winter. Another custom with pagan origins is the lighting of bonfires, which was thought to ward off evil spirits and safeguard crops from pests and diseases. Given that it celebrates Jesus Christ’s resurrection, Easter is a significant holiday for Christians. Over the Holy Week in Finland, numerous churches host special services on Palm Thursday, Good Friday, and Easter Sunday. Easter vigils are all-night events that certain churches hold that start on Holy Saturday and end on Easter Sunday. In Finland, food plays a significant role in the celebration of Easter. Like many other countries, the Finns have their own unique Easter fare, which includes roasted lamb, mämmi (a sweet, black bread pudding), and pasha (a type of sweet cheese dessert). Also, many families prepare Easter eggs, which are frequently patterned with bright colors and utilized as house decorations. Easter in Finland is not just a time for celebration, it is also a time to unwind and spend time with loved ones. The long weekend is used by many Finns to travel to their cottages or other vacation homes, where they may take advantage of the lovely springtime weather and engage in outdoor pursuits like hiking, fishing, and skiing. Moreover, Easter is a unique festival that is observed in Finland in a variety of ways. There is something to enjoy for everyone during this joyous and reviving time of year, whether it be adorning birch twigs, stoking bonfires, going to church, or parking in traditional Easter fare.  

Thank you, Readers. 

Amandeep Kaur Brar