Hello everyone! It seems Autumn has arrived, and the weather is getting colder. We are going to have a break soon but before that we still need to work hard! I would like to remind everyone to eat healthy, exercise and sleep well since it’s getting darker, people might feel more tired.

Although we all would like this pandemic to be over, it is starting to look bad again. Covid-19 seems to be spreading a lot these days in Finland with 890 cases in the last 14 days. So please everyone, stay safe! Remember to wash your hands and keep your distance from people.

But no worries, we are still going to write to you every week and keep you company!

In this weeks issue we are going to have some more fashion tips from Keinan Marian and we are going to hear more about Jononatan Bergs exchange in Korea. Plus, we have another movie review and so much more this week!

I hope you have a nice Autumn!

Ave-Liis Koobak
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