Smartphones: Revolutionizing the “Way We Live and Work”


Vol. 25, Issue 07, 04 November 2022

Mobile phone is a common alternative name for the Cell phone. It is a gadget that is primarily used for voice calls. Our lives are currently easier thanks to technological improvements. With a cell phone today, we can easily communicate or video chat with anyone on the planet by simply moving our fingers. Today’s mobile phones come in a variety of sizes, forms, and technical configurations. They are used for a wide range of activities, including voice calling, video conferencing, text messaging, multimedia messaging, internet surfing, email, video gaming, and photography. Consequently, it is known as a “Smart Phone”. As with any gadget, the cell phone has advantages and disadvantages that we will now address.

Mobile Phone Benefits 

  • Maintains communication 

We may now use a variety of applications to stay in touch with our friends and family whenever we choose. Now, all it takes is using your mobile phone or smartphone to video chat with anybody we want. Our mobile device also keeps us informed about the rest of the globe. 

  •  Day-to-Day Interaction 

Today’s mobile phones have simplified many aspects of daily living. Nowadays, a person can use a cell phone to assess the current traffic situation and make the right judgments to arrive on time. The weather updates, cab booking, and many other things come with it.

  • Entertainment for Everyone 

With the development of mobile technology, the whole entertainment industry is now housed in one building. We may listen to music, watch movies or our favorite shows whenever we feel bored with our normal work or during breaks. We can also simply view the video of our favorite song. 

  • Taking care of office work 

To arrange meetings, send and receive documents, deliver presentations, set alarms, submit job applications, and many other forms of official work, people use their mobile devices. Every working person now relies on their mobile phone for communication.

  • Online Banking 

Mobile devices are now even utilized as wallets for financial transactions. Using mobile banking on a smartphone, money might be sent to friends, family, or other people practically quickly. Additionally, it is simple to access account information and view previous transactions. As a result, it is hassle-free and time-saving. 

Negative aspects of mobile phones

  • Wasting time 

People today are dependent on their mobile devices. We browse the internet and play games even when we don’t need to be on the go, becoming true addicts. People got dumber as mobile devices became more intelligent.

  • Privacy Invasion 

The threat to one’s privacy due to widespread mobile usage is a significant one right now. Today, anyone might readily get information about us, like where we reside, our friends and family, our occupation, where our home is, etc. by simply browsing through our social media accounts. 

  • Financial Waste 

Mobile devices have become more expensive as well as more useful. People today spend a lot of money on smartphones when they could be spending it on other, more practical items like education or other things that make life better.


Depending on how a user utilizes a mobile phone, it could have both beneficial and negative effects. We should utilize our mobile devices cautiously and in accordance with best practices in order to live better, more hassle-free lives rather than utilizing them carelessly and turning them into a life-threatening virus.

Thank you, Readers. 

Amandeep Kaur Brar