Lumon Company Tour in Kouvola

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Vol 25, Issue 23 21 April 2023

Today, we have a tour of Lumon company at Korjalankatu 28, 45130 Kouvola. I learned about Lumon during a seminar on my future career at Xamk’s Campus. However, I really realized more clearly the size and professionalism of Lumon company after visiting the company’s manufacturing, transportation, and transaction offices.

According to the representative’s introduction, I have some more basic information about the company. The Lumon Company is a family-owned company, founded in Finland in 1978.  The company is currently a supplier of high-quality products for glass production in Finland and occupies a market share of nearly 60% in Finland.  From 2000 to 2020, the company grew steadily despite the major financial crisis in 2008. The company has 20 branches globally including Asia, Europe, and North America. From what I learned, I noticed Lumon’s global aspirations from changing the name of the company to fit the languages of many countries around the world (because Lumon was not the company‚Äôs name in the founding stage). Lumon’s employees also have many foreigners such as Spain and Japan. The working environment is cooperative and international when employees can communicate with each other in English.

When I visited Lumon’s production line, I better understood why the company has been able to develop sustainably for many consecutive years. That is modern technology. Touring the vast production site in Kouvola, I only saw about 10 engineers operating the machinery equipment. The rest are automated lines, robots, and semi-robots. This is the reason why Lumon’s products are always of high quality and stability. Because Lumon always assures customers of the quality of products that the company has committed.  At the same time, the company is always oriented to the needs of customers. So the final glass product will be cut according to the size of the customer’s requirement, and the textured colors on the glass are sprayed according to the requirements. When I toured the assembly line. I also see every job assisted by robots and modern lines. The shipments are carefully packed, tightly using modern machines. Product quality is guaranteed by the company from raw materials to final packaging.

The development of the Lumon company is also the development of Kouvola. With a large market share in glass production in Finland, taxes from the company’s sales also contribute greatly to the development of Kouvola in particular and Finland in general.  Lumon Company creates jobs for many people in Kouvola. And when you are working at Lumon, you will have a professional and friendly environment to develop yourself. This is also a big goal that I aim for after graduation.

After this tour, I found myself needing to learn more about technology to be suitable for future positions. Because the future is the age of technology, of robots. And you need to learn to adapt to that.

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