Tattoo- The ART 

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Vol.25 Issue 17, 17 February 2023 

The fascinating background of Tattoos: 

In the past, people identified themselves with their tattoos. Native people without English reading skills occasionally signed their names instead by drawing images of their tattoos. As they frequently forgot to keep hold of physical documentation. The most generic form of tattooing in ancient times was body modification. One of the earliest technologies ever created was it. The mummy had the earliest known instance of a tattoo.  

Through body art, tattoos have evolved into a means of self-expression. Peaceful messages and symbols also made excellent choices. The Maori culture, which is indigenous to New Zealand, is the most well-known for tattooing. People other than those with tattoos accepted them for a long time. Some people dislike tattoos, while others are tattoos obsessed. Like me, I adore getting inked. I already have two tattoos and I love to do more tattoos. My husband is a tattoo enthusiast as well. We both have a serious tattoo obsession. In India, he also participated in the ‘Art Beat Tattoo Festival’ at ‘LPU’ Lovely Professional University Jalandhar, India on 22-24th January 2022. In this tattoos event the Tattoo Artists came from different countries and one Tattoo Artsist came from New Delhi named ‘Pigmented Tattoos’ made one tattoo on my husband’s leg, and they won 2nd place in his competition.

Purpose of Tattoos: 

The motivation for obtaining tattoos have changed throughout history and across the globe. They include creative expression, permanent cosmetics, protection, or power, as a sign of group participation. Some people take part in tattoo competitions that are held on a global scale. One of my brother’s friends ‘Sidharth Gusai’ from New Delhi has full-body ink tattoos. He traveled to many different countries for his tournaments and set records in the book of the world led as ‘Most Tattooed Person in India, The maximum number of Tattoos, Youngest India’s Most Tattooed’ and many more.  

Popularity among Countries: 

Italy is the most popular country for tattoos, followed by the world widely. Over a century has passed since permanent tattoos were used in India. The tattoos serve as a kind of manifestation and trust in addition to serving as jewelry or caste markers. It donates their identity, including their caste, gender, ethnicity, and trust. Indian tattoos are a way to symbolize the place of origin, the people held strong beliefs in their gods and good energy spirits. This is why it is common to find tattoos of Indian deities on people’s bodies. Culturally and religiously, tattoos are acceptable in India.  

Tattoo’s Business: 

Anyone with hard effort and perseverance can manage a business, which makes the tattoo studio ideal for creative people who love body art. Tattooing is undoubtedly one of the best careers for ambitious artists, and most of them say that they have no plans to change their minds about it. In India’s capital city of Delhi, one of my brothers also operates a tattoo studio.  

Tattoo’s Myths:  

  • Having a tattoo prevents us from donating blood.  
  • A tattoo that is healing will heal more quickly if you apply lots of ointment to it. 
  • A tattoo will hurt less if you drink beer or drink. 
  • Compared to darker tattoos, lighter ones hurt more. 
  • Tattoos are a costly investment.  
  • Having your name tattooed brings bad luck. 
  • It bleeds a lot, while tattooing. 
  • Tattoos are permanent.  


I know a little bit about inks. Black and gray are long-lasting ink colors. White ink fades very quickly than other colors. We can use any color for tattooing.  

Thank you, Readers. 

Amandeep Kaur Brar