Unlocking Joy: Why Having a Hobby Matters

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“You should find a hobby”. All of us have heard it at some point in our lives. As we step into academic life in Finland, this is one of the key phrases we’ve heard from our teachers, our parents and as well as our peers. What does it mean? Why is it important for us students?

Hobbies are activities that we are doing for the sole purpose of pleasure. As simple as riding a bike or playing a sport to complex hobbies such as a collection of antiques to classic cars, hobbies can affect our lives in different ways from being simple pastimes to even becoming a significant part of one’s life and identity.

Having a hobby may seem simple, but they are incredibly beneficial for every one of us as students. Especially for international students, studying in Finland, the best education provider in the world seems like a rewarding experience, but there are some obstacles and setbacks that they will encounter as they explore a new way of life because of the cultural, social, and economic differences. The academic pressure of having rigorous timetables and deadlines, worries about an uncertain future, and maintaining and dealing with relationships and peers can sometimes be stressful to us as students. So having a hobby can be very important and it also acts to de-stress and can be incredibly beneficial for personal development through its social and lifestyle impact.

The social impact of having a hobby cannot be overstated either. Networking plays a huge part in our lives at this stage as it’s very important and beneficial for one’s career and personal growth. Through hobbies, we get to make new connections by joining clubs or communities which can be crucial as it affects our personal, social and lifestyle growth as it contributes to making new friendships, social networks, and community engagement as well as contributing to better mental and overall well-being by being an enjoyable way to relax and de-stress.

The simplicity of having a hobby is one of its most appealing aspects. Whether it’s a creative pursuit, physical activity, or intellectual exploration, it’s a fascinating journey that doesn’t need anything other than our passion and willingness which in many ways will have a significant impact on our lives. So, let me ask you: What is your hobby?