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Vol 25, Issue 21, 31 March 2023 

As a student in a foreign environment, it can get quite overwhelming trying to adapt. When no guidance is provided by the institution and everything has to be done anyway, students tend to get stressed. It decreases the level of motivation and affects the overall interest in the studies. In times like these, it is important to step back and prioritize your well-being.

Going for frequent walks for pleasure in your free time is vital for good health. It is true that as students we might have to walk each day. However, taking walks with the purpose of enjoying nature and feeling the fresh air, helps calm the mind and process our thoughts more clearly. Taking a walk has been shown to reduce stress and anxiety if done regularly even for a short period of time. Being in nature will help soothe the mind of the constant bombarding noise of the world and help improve your mental health.

Noise Noise Noise!

Putting off all the ‘noise’ we experience every day is also a good way to handle stress. Practicing meditation helps clear the mind and slows down thoughts hence allowing people to think about situations in more detail. Putting off noise does not necessarily mean sitting still in quietness. Rather it is a practice to quiet the mind. It is not necessary to do meditation either instead putting on your headphones and listening to the music of one’s choice also helps.

Exercise is also a vital step to clearing our minds. Exercise does help our body to feel more energetic and healthier. However, it also has effects on mental health. Whilst exercising, taking a walk, or listening to music, endorphins which are ‘happy hormones’ are released from the brain and help the person to be more motivated, active, and happy.

Every person has different coping techniques, and they can vary from person to person. Hence, feel free to take measures that make you feel better physically and mentally.

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