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Vol 25, Issu05, 07 October 2022 

Finnish summer and autumn are picturesque by famous painters. Winter also has its own beauty, but the winter weather is like a beautiful girl who does not want anyone to see it. We usually just like to stay indoors in the cold winter and sit dreaming about sunny places. A hint for a gloomy winter day, mysterious Egypt with bright sunshine. Which tourists will Egypt suit? 

If you are an enthusiast of historical stories, Egypt is a huge storehouse of stories stretching back thousands of years BC. You’ll be fascinated by mythological stories about Gods like Amon (king of Gods), Ra(God of the sun), Osiris (God of nature), and Horus (God of the sky, God of war and hunting). In addition, when you come to Egypt, you will hear a lot about the Pharaohs, about queen Cleopatra. Every story shimmers fancifully. 

If you are a natural science enthusiast. Egypt will be the place to admire. Why is that? Because when you close your eyes, imagine 2000 to 3000 BC, people were in the Stone Age. Open your eyes and see buildings such as the great stone temple, which has existed for thousands of years such as the pyramids, the temple of Luxor, the Mortuary Temple of Hatshepsut, and the Great Sphinx Statue, … A feeling of admiration exists. When our hands touch each stone, touch the stone sculptures, we feel like we are seated in a time machine going back four thousand years. Feelings of admiration mixed with disbelief about the works of the ancient Egyptians. Skepticism about the accuracy, science, and perfect construction techniques was impossible at that time except with the help of aliens. 

You will also be amazed at the mummification technique of the ancient Egyptians. If the mummy I saw in Cairo’s museum was real, it would be miraculous. The mummies were almost intact with body parts such as hair, teeth, skin, and shrouds. Since such backward B.C., how could ancient humans have the ambition to mummify to live forever with time? Why do they know for sure that the embalming techniques they perform will be successful? The more I visited the more questions I had about the mysteries in Egypt. 

If you are a businessman, Egypt is also where you should go. I traveled to Egypt on a yacht that ran along the Nile. When we were on the ship, we were still offered goods such as shawls, and shirts … Sellers in every possible way as long as the goods reach the consumer. They used small boats to follow us. They threw things they want to sell to visitors, surprising visitors. And it is hard for travelers to refuse to buy that item. Why? Because when they refuse and throw the item back, the item falls into the Nile, and the seller has to jump down and struggle to get it back. And a special point, how much the customer pays for that item is also agreed by the seller. Because the initial price is very high compared to the true value of the item, the buyer always has to pay 1/2 or sometimes 1/5 lower than the offered price. 

If you are an avid reader, want to take the trip like the shepherd in  Paulo Coelho’s “O Alquimista” (The alchemist).  You should plan to come to Egypt.  Egypt has a lot of mysteries and attractions waiting for you. You can travel through photos, videos on youtube, or reviews of people who have experienced it. But the best way for you to feel all the mysterious beauty of Egypt is to go there. Touch and feel. 

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