Attitude Matters!

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Vol. 25, Issue 15, 03 February 2023

Attitude – a set of beliefs and emotions that molds your perception about people and the world. Repetitively, attitude to told to be the major factor in our successes and failures, but really how does it affect our view of the things around us?

Everyone’s attitudes are shaped vastly shaped by past experiences in their lives. Having gone through different situations during their lives, their attitudes also tend to differ from each other. Our attitudes then affect us and those around us. It is obvious having a positive attitude and mindset will in turn make us more productive and help us deal with problems with effective solutions whereas a negative attitude produces the opposite effect.

Let’s start with an everyday simple example. You are given a task at your job, where after completion you will get a reward. You are naturally more inclined to develop a positive attitude towards that task. Your actions involved in the task will reflect your motivation for that reward. You are more serious about coming up with innovative and productive solutions to obtain that reward. However, when there is no set reward and we are made to work, we often are irritated and lose interest fast. Hence why, the most effective way to be productive in any situation, be it be your studies, work life or personal goals, is to set ‘rewards’.

We as humans look for clarity and order. We seek answers and reasons for even the littlest of matters and the amount of effort we put in clearly reflects on the outcome. Having a clear understanding of our situation affects how we will handle it at that moment. Not having knowledge of what is happening creates chaos and confusion that makes us give poorer results and a negative mindset. In both cases, our actions, how we handle things, and our behaviour will be different.

Our self-perception is also one of the major factors as to how our attitudes are shaped. The world shapes our self-perception and how we see our self-worth. This in turn shapes our attitudes towards life, our work and everything we take part in. In our current era, where people’s opinions on body image are heavily influenced by social media, it is easier to doubt yourself, resulting in a low confidence, and discouraged human being. However, after learning many things in life, I can say it is not impossible to relearn to have a positive attitude. Our behaviour and attitude are based on perceptions of what reality is, not what reality actually is. It all comes down to your attitude. The people who will be in your life is affected by your attitude. The work, job or life you will live is affected by your attitude!

Attitude, when shaped the right way, can influence behaviour to achieve amazing results. It can remain unchanged for a long time unless influenced by different experiences, and that is fine. Different factors shape your attitude, and it is necessary to learn positive and negative things. However, we can learn how to perceive those situations. Having a positive attitude is vital for success in life and business. Things can quickly go wrong in the current era we live in and letting those negative emotions take over will not help anyone. Thinking positively and having a ‘CAN DO’ attitude will in conclusion enable as to live a not-so-worrisome life.

Sahar Farzand
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