Health is wealth


Vol no 25, issue no 12, 13 January 2023

Well, in the modern world, myriad people are workaholic, they have no time to go exercise. That is why, they face health hassles. Due to this, in order to earn more money as well as to become successful they have to stay healthy. So, it called health is wealth. Moreover, good health can make you feel happier as well as confident. My name is Anjali here I would like to explain some instructions about how to stay healthy and fit and some drawbacks of unhealthy life are also would be discussed by me in the upcoming paragraphs.

Reasons of unhealthy lifestyle

As I already mentioned that nowadays people are busy with their work due to which have no time to do any exercise. Due to this hectic schedule, they cannot make food at home and eat outside junk food, which is the main reason of obesity. Because they are unable to get free time to make healthy diet for themselves Apart from this, in today is world, every work would be done with machines, due to this, humans do not have to put more efforts. On the other side, in the past time people work healthier than now because of their good routine and hard works which were physically than mentally  

Problems with unhealthy lifestyle

Unhealthy lifestyle is a big problem for humans, because many diseases mostly take birth from unhealthy lifestyle. Like obesity, laziness, heart attack and some other diseases. According to the previous health affairs, it was noticed that during the coronavirus, the people who had healthy, they escaped from the diseases and those who were unhealthy were caught by coronavirus. So, it is the clear example that was more dangers for unhealthy people. Unhealthy people have to get the failure in their life.

Some instructions to stay healthy life

Firstly, people have to plan to eat healthy diet like eggs, fruits, juice and green vegetables.

Exercise is most important for individuals in order to stay physically active, you have to take time from their schedule for this exercise. In their exercise you can do yoga, walking, running, playing outdoor games and so on.

Good sleep is also one of the parts of good healthy lifestyle. It is mostly notice that most people use their phone till late night. Due to which they cannot take proper sleep at night and the next day they feel lazy.  Sleep is a kind of charger which charges the human being to remain active the next day.

It is seen to be that corona virus is spreading again. So, everyone has to take themselves to prevent from this disease. However, in the cold weather, people normally catch cough, cold ,fever and sneezing. So, everyone has to wear warm cloths in order to prevent from these little symptoms. Because these symptoms can cause a corona disease.

Benefits of good health

Healthy life is one of the main merits of living long life. Moreover, with this healthy life people can live happy, healthy and long life. With good health people can feel better about themselves it also makes people more active and confident. During the exercising, when I take breath in fresh air then I feel very fresh to myself. It also helps me to reduce my whole day stress. Apart from this, good health also improves brain mood and also it improves the new brain cells which improve brain memory. Last but not least, everyone has to wash their hands before have meals. Which helps to fight with germs.

Tx your attentions.