Mental health in winter

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Vol 25, Issue 02 December 2022

During this time, snow falls heavier. It is getting harder and harder to move. Whether you are walking or traveling in your own car, the weather makes you no longer want to be on the road. International students who have just lived in Finland do not want to leave their warm beds. They will spend more time indoors or stay in the room more.  This will affect their mental health more or less in the winter. Finland’s winter, in particular, lasted nearly eight months. The issue of mental health is an issue that needs attention.

When you are in your room alone for long periods of time, you are less likely to come into contact with other people. Typically, you will text, call, or video call. But texting or calling without direct dialogue often leads to many misunderstandings and many negative emotions. Although a few days or a few weeks is not too complicated, a few months will lead to bigger and more serious conflicts. Today’s technology has made it possible for us to reduce this problem. We can regularly make video calls from What apps, Messenger, or other software.

You can join social networks when you are in the room alone for long periods. Social networks have negative information, as well as positive ones. If you are exposed to a lot of negative information, then those negative energies will affect your mood. And these negative energies will be making you have thoughts stuck with life. If you don’t release negative thoughts, and negative energies, you may not be in control of your behavior. You can hurt yourself, or the people who live with you. So stay away from negative information, and the dramas of life. You should absorb positive information as much as you can. You can find a friend with a lot of positive energy to talk to and to be inspired.

Dramas, transient negative thoughts if they accumulate for a long time will not be good for mental health. Let’s do ways that work for you to accumulate positive energy. You can live well physically as well as mentally through the winter.

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