Preparing for winter


Vol 25, Issue 10, 25 November 2022

Snow has begun to fall signaling winter has arrived. Winter in Finland is beautiful but will also be extremely harsh and long. If international students are the first to spend winter in Finland, how do you feel? What will you prepare for your first winter?

The feeling of international students seeing snow for the first time is probably enjoyable. International students living in a tropical country for the first time know what a murky sky is, and the bitter cold below zero degrees Celsius in winter. The feeling of being both excited about the novelty and sad because of being away from family.

Whatever you feel, try to stay physically healthy and mentally healthy for the long winter ahead. You should be prepared with a thermal jacket, sweater, and waterproof windbreaker. You also need a waterproof, warm, with a non-slip sole. You remember about waterproof gloves and keeping warm well. Woolen hats and scarves are also necessary items. You also need to moisturize your face and body so that it does not crack due to dry weather. The nose also needs to be kept moist as it is prone to bleeding in dry weather. You should have a luminescent ring so that those around you can recognize when it is dark.

In addition, you also need to pay attention to mental health. International students will be more homesick and miss their families in this cold and murky weather. You should make friends with classmates and partners in your rental apartment. You should participate in online as well as offline activities so that you no longer have to be alone and no longer feel lonely. You should choose indoor sports to give your body a chance to move. A sauna is also a way to help the body relax.

Let’s make winters not cold and not boring.

Phuong Pham
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