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Vol 25, Issue 17 February 2023

About 2.5 million years ago, humans were a species that emerged after other species and almost no significant role in the natural chain. Although we have only been on Earth for a very short period of time compared to the formation of the earth. Humanity is the species that is actively changing the earth the most. So how can all this happen?  We can create new species, of artificial intelligence. The most recent example is Chat PT. Professor Yuval Noah Harari is the author of this book. He born in Haifa, Israel, in 1976. He received his Ph.D. from the University of Oxford in 2002 and is currently a lecturer in the Department of History at the Hebrew University (Jerusalem).

The first human species appeared about 2.5 million years ago in East Africa, evolving from a large primate called Australopithecus. These early humans, known as Homo rudolfensis and Homo erectus, migrated from East Africa to open areas with plenty of food. To get used to and adapt to the new environment, the species evolved into other human forms including Homo neanderthalensis living in Europe. Homo erectus living in Asia, and Homo soloensis in the Java Islands. It wasn’t until 300,000 years ago that Homo sapiens began to emerge.

Evidence has shown that other human breeds including  Homo neanderthalensis have been driven to extinction by Homo sapiens. Why can Homo sapiens win?  The answer lies in the incredibly specially structured brain of Homo sapiens. This advance helped prehistoric humans relatively strengthen their thinking abilities and brain power. They invented more sophisticated tools and had the first primitive forms of barter. Thanks to this, Homo sapiens can find food sources even in the harshest conditions, which helps them to continue to exist and develop. In addition, language is one of the factors that makes Homo sapiens able to grow, gathered into groups of people, tribes, religious groups, and nations, with similar beliefs, thoughts, and common understanding. 

Many factors help Homo sapiens become the strongest species, affecting the earth the most. There are many surprises waiting for you to learn thousands of years of history forming modern society. Read Sapiens to better understand the formation of modern humans today. You will envision the evolution from primitive society to today’s modern world. And maybe, you will visualize the world in the future.

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