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Vol. 25, Issue 04, 30 September 2022

Studies can either be a breeze or extremely hard to get used to. Having to deal with discovering myself and the ‘techniques’ that works, as an online and on-campus student, I take myself to be qualified to be writing on it with two different perspectives. 

The first step is not to bombard yourself with Google search terms like ‘Study Tips’ instead it is to understand, you are an individual and some of these tips might not work for you. Tweak them a bit and that is okay. Only through trial and error can you genuinely improve yourself. If a technique works for someone else does not mean it will be the same for you. So, understand your limits and then move forward.

Study Tip #1: Be inspired 

The most vital tip is to be inspired. This is the drive that keeps you going until you reach your goal. If there is no motivation, you can get frustrated very easily and might want to give up on it entirely. There can be times when even though you are not inspired by a course or topic, setting goals and milestones can ignite that spark. 

Study Tip #2: Accountability 

A student can set goals and have good sociability. However, the measure of your professionalism is all up to you.

Do you need your professors to constantly remind you of deadlines? Are you doing the self-study that is required? Did you skip your dinner because of work? Ask yourself questions and know at the end of the day you are the only one who is responsible for your tasks and well-being. Hold yourself accountable. 

Study Tip #3: Time Management 

The flexibility to create your schedule is usually taken as the ‘cherry on the cake.’ However, experiencing firsthand, while doing online studies I can say, this excess freedom can sometimes be detrimental. Without clear goals, you can waste hours on social media. Stop it. Set goals each day and manage your time carefully. 

There can also be times when you are cramming your assignments. Try to allocate your time wisely!

Study Tip #4: Creating a Schedule/Task list 

Create Weekly schedules that can follow. Be efficient and make a realistic schedule.

Personally, I use Google Calendar. It is usually packed with upcoming classes, assignments that are due and exams. You can use any software for scheduling.

Set reminders to constantly update you. Link your calendar to all the devices you own. A task list should cover everything you need to do. Everything. Though a timetable needs to be balanced with everything else as well. 

Study Tip #5: Taking regular breaks 

Having a schedule and doing proper study can be very mentally consuming. Always study while taking short breaks. There are a lot of techniques like the Pomodoro Technique. It is extremely important to be available for leisure. Allot yourself certain amounts of time to go for a walk, talk with family or just feel the sun’s warmth. 

Study Tip #6: Stay Healthy 

Starting out, you might decide to prioritize work over your well-being. That is always short-term and unsustainable. Paying attention to your body is always going to be good for your studies. Sleep on time, hydrate yourself and if possible, exercise regularly. Eat more sustainable foods to keep your energy up. Set a routine.

Study Tip #7: Regular Study Place and Staying Organized 

Set a dedicated place for self-study. It is even more beneficial if it is a quiet place, but you can determine what works best for you. The type of setting you study in affects your productivity. Eliminate distractions like your phone from the area as much as you can. Make your study place comfortable and it should be an area you feel safe in.

Study Tip #8: Ask Questions 

If you are struggling, ask the questions you have. Email your professor, ask during class sessions, or discuss the issue with your colleagues. Do not keep them to yourself, ask questions until you understand the answers completely. 

Study Tip #9: Reward Yourself 

Know you are a human being who can make mistakes. The lesson is to constantly find ways to improve yourself. Keep going at it; Practice makes perfect, even if you fail, get up and try again. Celebrate your successes and know that you earned it! 

I hope everyone has a good year and that this helps you be super productive. Through trial and error, we can make sure to do what is best for ourselves.

Good Luck!

Sahar Farzand. DIB22

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