Work life boom Event


Vol no 25, issue no 14, 27 January 2023

I’d like to start by saying that enrolling in a course on a new business environment is a wise decision if you want to learn about businesses. We can quickly go through businesses by attending work-life gatherings. Work Life Boom was the first gathering I went to. Here are a few further examples of companies that are taking part in the event: Nordea, S-Group (KSO), Nokia, REJLERS, ANDRITZ, LUMON, AFRY, Esperi, UPM, and so forth. Consequently, I’d like to give my own perspective on the work-life boom event that took place on January 19 at the Kouvola campus. Before that, I had never met any businesses face-to-face; it was my first time doing so. In addition, there were several businesses present at the event, some of whose names I had never heard of, but after speaking with each one in person, I felt much more at ease. I’m very anxious about my upcoming summer training at the office.

As a result of this “work-life boom,” I launched a few businesses that are worth mentioning:

One is Nordea, a bank with additional job options for students. as assistants, in marketing or finance, for instance.

2) Nokia: Nokia is a firm based in Finland. There are numerous openings for students, and they are hiring students for summer trainee roles.

The largest group is S-Group (KSO), which operates in a variety of industries, including Prisma, S-Pankki, S-Market, Sale, ABC, and others.

4) AFRY: Positions are primarily available at AFRY businesses for students studying business, IT, and engineering.

LUMON, and others. I therefore believe that these businesses are good options for both my current tanning needs and my future needs.

I’m now hoping that the meeting will aid in my search for a training course. Meeting with businesses in person has a lot of advantages besides this. I first received clarification on my ambiguous queries. I had to wait a long time to receive responses to my queries via email before that, but I enjoyed this event. Second, I find out more about businesses that I could not locate on their websites. English is the preferred language for more businesses. I visited the staff members of every single company at this event, who gave excellent explanations of the job done by their organizations and demonstrated excellent classroom behaviour.

Then, but not least, Last but not least, a cup of coffee, some popcorn, and sugary candy helped me to enjoy this occasion. I also acquired some key chains, pens, and journals. I also participated in the survey where I may win a hoodie.

I’m currently anticipating the next work-life event so that I can further explore who I am.